Using Supercell-Storage server for backing up and restoring data from PSC servers

This guide will help you getting started and using the Supercell. If you haven’t already gotten a username/password for PSC systems (eg., Blacklight), you need to do it now. Use the password reset link.

Accessing Supercell

SFTP is the best method to browse the files and create the directory structure you want.

Warning: Permanently added the RSA host key for IP address '' to's password:
Connected to
sftp> ls
sftp> cd TIL11_FULL/
sftp> exit

Transferring files

Use rsync to sync the directories that you need to keep in sync

rsync -e 'ssh -c aes128-ctr' -avP source_dir

That’s it! You can retrieve the data anytime by reversing the rsync command.

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